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Eyelid Surgery In New York City

In New York City, appearance matters. So if you want to see yourself on the road to success, then wear the best look you can possibly put on. Every year, there are lots of men and women who undergo eyelid surgery not just in New York City but also in other cities in the country, to significantly improve their appearance. As your skin ages, it loses elasticity little by little. And the lack of elasticity plus the steady pull of gravity can cause the excessive skin to gather in your lower and upper eyelids. Extraneous skin in your eyes' lower lids causes bulges and wrinkles while on the upper lids, it forms an extra fold which can probably hang over your lashes and impede your vision. When your face starts to show the signs of aging, better undergo eyelid surgery in New York City.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is a procedure that's performed in order to reduce the bagginess in your lower eyelids and take out the extraneous skin from the upper lids. While it is basically a cosmetic practice, eyelid surgery can also be a good procedure in enhancing vision especially in older patients with drooping upper eyelids which interferes with their vision.

Are you fit for an Eyelid Surgery?

Persons who can undergo eyelid surgery in New York City are those that have good and stable physical as well as mental health. He/She should also encompass realistic expectations. Most individuals who need such treatment are 35 years old and above. But there are some who inherited characteristics such as baggy eyelids; they require eyelid surgery at their 20s or early 30s.

Eyelid surgery in New York City can improve the way you look and help you in building self-confidence. It may not give you the appearance that you are wishing for or change the way people treat you, but blepharoplasty can help in giving you fresher, more youthful appearance. Moreover, this procedure will not change the structure and shape of your face. Before deciding to have eyelid surgery in New York City, consult first your chosen surgeon. Discuss with him/her your expected result and the surgery method to be used.

How is the Eyelid Surgery Executed?

Eyelid surgery in New York City last for two hours especially if both the lower and upper eyelids are treated. Most surgeons use local anesthesia along with oral sedation. If the surgery is performed in a surgical center or a hospital, intravenous sedation is usually used.

In your upper eyelid, the incision is camouflaged by the natural fold of the upper lid and slightly extends beyond the eyes' outside corner. The extraneous fatty tissue and skin are eliminated through this incision. Lower eyelid surgeries are performed employing one of these methods: transconjunctival technique and transcutaneous technique. The incision in your lower eyelid is normally hidden below the lashes of your eyes. By means of this incision, the excess muscle, skin and fat are taken out. The incision will be hidden by the natural creases of the eyes.

Both eyelids will have a stitch that will stay for about one week. Swelling and bruising can be observed after the surgery but your upper eyelids will appear normal after a week or two. Since every surgical process involves risks, it is best to discuss with your surgeon the possible complications of eyelid surgery. Some of the probable complications that you'll experience after having an eyelid surgery are:

- Blurred or double vision that will happen after the surgery
- Eye closure difficulty
- Acne or tiny whiteheads that can be eliminated by your surgeon using fine needle
- Swelling or bruising
- Asymmetry changes
- Ectropion which is characterized by the pulling down of the lower eyelids

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