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´╗┐Most Common Psoriasis Symptoms

There are a number of psoriasis symptoms that can easily alert a person to the possibility of having the illness. The different psoriasis symptoms that manifest themselves on a person who is suffering from the disease include scaly skin, flakes, red lesions, pus filled bumps and other such skin problems. The different psoriasis symptoms that are listed as possible signs of psoriasis may vary according to the kind of psoriasis a person may have.

There are a few distinct psoriasis types that have different symptoms, and some of these symptoms may be shared by two or more of the psoriasis types. Included in the most common psoriasis symptoms are the red colored lesions that can appear on a person's knees, elbows, jointed areas and scalp. These red colored lesions are often the first of the many psoriasis symptoms that will appear on a person's skin, and they will often indicate that a person has this kind of disease. The second most common of all psoriasis symptoms may be the appearance of scales or flakes that cover these red splotches on a person's skin. These flakes or scales can often appear after a while, and they are similar to dandruff. Once these flakes are peeled off, the underlying skin is often very red and it has the tendency to bleed or crack due to the illness.

Other psoriasis symptoms that often point to one type of psoriasis is the presence of pus in the lesions or bumps that are present on a person's skin. These pus filled lesions are symptomatic of the psoriasis known as pustular psoriasis. This kind of psoriasis is actually one of the rarer types, and while people may rarely get this kind of an illness, those who do get it suffer from the itchy, pus filled bumps that the illness brings. Another kind of psoriasis that can be easily identified by one of its manifestations is the one called guttate psoriasis. This kind of psoriasis is represented by bumps and lesions that are shaped like drops, with a tapered end and a rounded bottom. It is also easily diagnosed since this one often happens after a person has strep throat.

Finding out whether you have psoriasis or you are simply suffering from an allergic reaction or a rash is something that can be easily ascertained with careful attention to the symptoms you may be exhibiting. Early diagnosis can help you get the treatment you need as soon as possible, and it enables you to avoid the rather uncomfortable results that this illness usually brings about.

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