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Abdominoplasty Scars - Why People Re-evaluate their Decision

After an ample time of thorough consideration, one may still find herself in doubt if he really must undergo an abdominoplasty surgery. This is because of the major drawback of the procedure, it leaves scars.

In truth, scarring is only a consequential part of the healing process after any plastic or cosmetic surgery. However, the majority of us find them extremely unattractive and disturbing. So, are you thinking of leaving the thought behind once and for all? If yes, then you may again find value in a secondary consideration. If no, then you alone can tell if you really are now decided.

In fact, the appearance of abdominoplasty scars is largely dependent on the form of procedure you have undergone. Partial or mini tummy tuck will most likely leave less noticeable scars while full abdominoplasty surgery will otherwise create more significant scars.

Abdominoplasty scars are permanent. Once there, they will remain there for as long as you will ever remember. However, experts have developed methods to create less appearing abdominoplasty scars. The fact that they usually hide it below the bikini line may attest to their efforts to hide abdominoplasty scars.

Generally after the surgery, the wound and swelling that will leave the scars will appear. When the condition of these two are aggravated, it is most likely that your scars will leave more prominent lines. However, you can create measures that will lessen your wound's tendency to swell. But don't be surprised if you notice that by the end of the third month after surgery, your scars will be more noticeable and larger. That is normal. Afterwhich, they will lighten in color and will flatten out gradually.

Full abdominoplasty surgery scar
The scars in this form of surgery are typically seen crossing the wideness of the hips, just below the navel. This is due to the reason that in full abdominoplasty two incisions are required to complete the operation. Basically, a full abdominoplasty surgery will remove all unnecessary accumulation of fats and skin in your abdominal wall. (Imagine how large would that be.) The whole area will be operated thus the result of having a rather large abdominoplasty scar.

Mini or Partial abdominoplasty scar
In this procedure, only one scar is created which is typically found in the area below the stomach. It is usually characterized by a straight horizontal line that passes over the section wherein the excess skin is taken. Because the procedure does not cover an extensive area, there is usually no abdominoplasty scar in the navel.

It is common to have an abdominoplasty surgery combined with liposuction. In cases like these, the abdominoplasty scars are more prominent which condition is more aggravated with the irregularity of the skin after the procedures. Rarely, bleeding and infection occur. In this condition, the patient may experience improper healing of the abdominoplasty scar.

As already noted above, there are methods that a patient may perform to reduce the severity of abdominoplasty scars. He may choose to follow the doctor's recommendation to wear compression garments. He may also refrain from smoking, a factor that is known to contribute to a much longer time for recovery as well as from taking aspirin and other substances that has anti-healing properties. Also, he can ensure a gradual healing by not becoming too hasty in his approaches. It is also good to avoid activities that may exacerbate the condition.

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