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Acne prone skin is bothersome enough to worry about, and having sensitive skin will only make things worse. Having the two problems together can indeed be worrisome, and finding acne care for sensitive skin is quite a hassle for those who have this kind of skin. Ideal acne care for sensitive skin is essentially skin care that is made not just for acne prone or excessively oily skin, but it is specifically formulated to sit well on skin that may be prone to flare-ups or break outs caused by certain chemicals or substances.

Acne care for sensitive skin products are often products that are made with the use of all natural ingredients which ensure users that there are no synthetic or chemical ingredients included in the mixture. The use of synthetic ingredients and chemicals in certain acne care and treatment products is often the reason why some people with sensitive skin do not get skin care products to solve their acne problems since they fear that instead of getting better, their acne dilemma might simply get worse. The emergence of acne care for sensitive skin products is a godsend for sensitive skinned people who are more likely to suffer from acne and pimple problems.

One chemical ingredient that is most commonly used in acne treatment products that sensitive skinned people should avoid is benzoyl peroxide. This chemical does work in killing the bacteria that are often the cause of acne; however, the harshness of this chemical can also cause sensitive skinned users to develop rashes as an allergic reaction, or suffer from dry skin due to this substance. An acne care for sensitive skin product will not have this chemical in it, and it uses all natural substances to counteract the effects of acne on a person's skin.

Another chemical that is also commonly used in acne treatments is salicylic acid. This acid also does what benzoyl peroxide does, and since it is an acid, sensitive skin will also suffer from such a chemical component. It cleans skin deeply and works as a proponent for collagen production in the skin, but it is also harsh enough to cause damage to sensitive skin due to its acidic nature.

The right kind of acne care for sensitive skin is easily obtained from dermatologists who know what triggers flare ups in sensitive skin and what should be avoided. They can prescribe sensitive skin friendly acne medication and skin maintenance products for those who are burdened by skin that is not only prone to acne but is also sensitive to other substances as well.

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