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´╗┐Coping With Severe Acne

Severe acne can be common for adolescence but it occurs in adults as well. Acne can make you feel embarrassed and you may isolate yourself so that you do not have to show anyone your face. The biggest problem with acne is that it is not something you can control.

If you have acne you probably have been working with a dermatologist for a while trying to make it go away. If your medications are not working then your body is resistant to it and there is not much more you can do except wait it out. This is difficult to accept and it may make you feel depressed.

Ways to Cope with Severe Acne

If your dermatologist has recommended you continue to use your medication then make it a point to use it religiously. It may be any day now that it will kick in and your severe acne will start to diminish. It can take many months for some people because the medication has to work hard to get deep down I your pores. Do not give up right before it is about to work.

Your confidence and self-esteem may be low because of your pimples. Remember that this is something out of your control and you cannot do anymore about it. You may think others are looking at you thinking badly about your face but most people have had pimples at one time so they will understand what you are going through. Most of the time, they will empathize with you because they know how upsetting it can be for you.

Your acne will not last forever. It does seem like forever before you will get to a time when you do not have to see pimples on your face but someday your face will clear up. Whether it is from the balance of hormones or the right medication for you, one day you will not have to deal with it anymore and that in itself, is a relief.

Talk to someone who understands when you are feeling down about your looks. Severe acne is something that can make you feel depressed so speak to someone about how you are feeling. If you do not have any friends who understand, try speaking to someone else like a counselor. A counselor will listen to how you feel and even have some suggestions for you to help your self-image.

Dealing with severe acne can be distressing but you do not have to let it stop you from having a happy and successful life. Your acne does not interfere with your abilities unless you let it. Accepting that it is part of you and there is no way to control it can help you move on without letting it hold you down. Severe acne will go away someday but till then live your life to its fullest.

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