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Having you been searching for acne medication that actually works? When you are an adolescent, all you need are some unsightly pimples taking over your face. You have tried all of the over the counter remedies and nothing seems to do the trick. It just makes your face dry and irritated.

You may have tried all of the home remedies as well. Acne medications from home like Ethyl Alcohol, toothpaste, and picking your pimples off will only cause you more discomfort, worse looking pimples and vulnerability to more blemishes. You need an acne medication that will work without causing additional damage to your face.

Start with Gentle Cleansers

Since almost all acne medications cause you to have dry skin you will need to pick a cleanser that will make your skin soft. Cleansers with moisturizers are great in fighting the drying effect of these treatments. Even if you have oily skin, the treatment that you receive for your pimples will dry you out.

Beware of the cleansers with acne medication in them. This will just further dry your face because you are basically doubling the dose. You do not need the solution in your cleanser because your face wash is to do just that, wash your face.

Going to the Dermatologist for Acne Medication

When you visit your dermatologist, he will first make sure you are not allergic to any medications. Many people have been known to be allergic to treatment such as Erythromycin. The next thing he will ask if you are at risk for pregnancy. Many meds that are prescribed for pimples problems cannot be taken if you are pregnant or if you become pregnant. This is very important for the safety of both you and your unborn child.

Your dermatologist will probably start you off with a topic solution to try first. You may be thinking that you have already tried creams on your face and they didn't work. The difference with the ones you will receive from your doctor is that the solution that it is made with is a higher dose than what you can buy in the store. You may need stronger treatment especially if your pimples are stubborn or you have a severe case.

If you try a couple of the topical creams and you have not seen improvement then your doctor may prescribe you an oral antibiotic. This antibiotic will send bacteria fighting power to your pores to kill off the bacterium you have. This treatment that works from the inside out rather than topical works from the outside in. Sometimes topical medications can get into the pores well enough to attack this bacteria. With continued use of the medications, you will have a clear skin free from unsightly blemishes.

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