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Acne Vulgaris, which is also known as, Common Acne, is one of the biggest struggles that teenagers face. Adults also suffer this acne commonly found in adolescents. Many visits to the dermatologist are due to Acne Vulgaris.

Body Image and Acne Vulgaris

Body image can decrease when a teenager or an adult has Acne Vulgaris. The acne can be on the face, chest or back. The chest and back are easily covered but the face is much more difficult to hide. Because of this, you may be self-conscious due to the pimples on your face. Usually the pimples also have redness around them, which further contributes to its appearance.

Body image is everything in adolescence, which is why this form of acne is such a great deal during this period. Teenagers begin to feel bad about their looks because they cannot control the acne and they don't know what to do about it.

Causes of Acne

The main reason why people suffer from this is due to fluctuating hormones. During adolescence, teenagers are going through puberty and their hormones are changing rapidly. These rapid changes cause pimples to form at the skin.

Another cause of acne is stress. Whenever someone is under stress they will normally have an outbreak. When the stress has been relieved the pimples will go away.

Genetics also plays a role in whether you will have to deal with Acne Vulgaris. If your mother or father had a skin problem as teenagers or even now, as a adults then there is a good chance you will as well. Genetics can play a role along with your hormones and stress.

Drug use, especially narcotics cause acne. Drug addicts will normally have pimples on their face and body in reaction to their drug use. Bodily reactions to the drugs are what cause the pimples to form in this case.

Dirty pores are another common cause of skin problems. Unclean pores are not due to not washing your face. Actually, washing you face too much can cause you more harm than good because it can irritate your skin producing more skin issues. Your pores have bacteria in them, which is what is causing them to be dirty. You will need to an antibiotic if this is what is causing your flare-ups.

Treatment for Acne Vulgaris

Topical bactericidals is a common prescription given by dermatologists. You can use this directly on your face and it will treat the acne from the outside in. It will begin to cut down on the bacteria at the pores and start to attack underneath. This works for many people who have mild cases. Other types of treatment include topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics, which help from the inside out.

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