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´╗┐Blemish Care and Acne Treatments

Whether you have one pimple or many on your face, you need blemish care. Acne treatments have hit the market like wildfire and there is much to choose from in the skincare isle. You may become overwhelmed when see all of the bottles with promise that it will clear your skin in a certain amount of days. It helps to know exactly what care acne needs.

Whom Acne Affects

Acne can affect adolescents and adults. It is usually due to hormones, stress, or drugs. You cannot control your hormones so this is something you will have to find blemish care. Acne doctors like a dermatologist can help you find a prescription strength medication if over the counter medications does not work.

If your acne is due to stress than you will need to find ways to combat your stress. Excellent ways to relieve stress include exercising, talking to friends or family or taking a break from work or school if possible. It is possible to find blemish care, Acne treatments can be used if you are unable to lower your stress levels.

If you are drug user, especially narcotics, your acne is caused by what the drugs are doing to your body. If you want your pimple problems to go away then you will need to stop the drug use. If you are trying to rid your problems with blemish care, acne will not go away.
Pimple Care, Acne Treatments

When you reach the skincare isle, you will need to know a few things before you start buying. The first thing to know is that your pimples are not from dirt. It's true that you have bacteria in your pores but that is not because you do not wash your face. This being said, you still need to wash you face to clean it off pollutants in the air and make up.

Choose a cleanser that is gentle on your skin. Your face is irritated enough because of your acne. You want something that is going to take the dirt away without making your face dry and susceptible to more irritation. Cleansers with moisturizers work well if you have especially dry skin.

You will find that many cleansers that have acne-fighting medication. If you plan to use separate medication on top of your cleanser, you do not need the extra medication in the cleanser. All this will do is dry out your skin even more, which can cause more breakouts.

When choosing a topical medication, look for Benzoyl Peroxide or Sacillyc Acid. These are two leading pimple-fighting solutions. Some people do well with the Benzoyl Peroxide while others do better with the Sacillyc Acid. You might have to try each of them before you know what works best for you. Blemish care, acne treatments over the counter can be effective but you do not see improvement seek out your doctor's advice.

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