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´╗┐Explaining Baby Acne

Baby acne can be scary to some parents who have never had a baby before or have not had a baby with acne. You will find that acne in babies looks a lot like a rash. You will see pimple like bumps with red skin around them. You shouldn't see your baby itching at them because they normally do not itch or irritate the baby in anyway.

Ask your Doctor

The acne usually presents itself about a week after the baby is born. It can last for a couple of week to a month. Usually, it is nothing to be concerned about because they are just pimples and not an allergic reaction to anything. If you suspect that it could be an allergic reaction, ask your doctor to look at your next well baby visit or call your doctor on the phone.

You doctor will simply look your baby to diagnose if it is an allergic rash or baby acne. Doctors usually do not have to do a blood test or other type of allergy test to determine what it is because baby acne is distinctive. Your doctor will simply ask you to keep an eye on it or any other symptoms and reassure you that it should disappear in a couple of weeks.

Baby acne will not leave any scarring and will vanish as quickly as it appeared. You will not be able to tell that your baby had acne. This is just one thing that baby's first get when they are born.

Reason for Acne in Babies

There is no real medical cause for acne in babies except that some experts believe its from the hormones they receive from the mother at birth. These hormones much like the hormones in women, which cause adult acne, are transferred to the baby. The baby's body then reacts to the hormones the same, which produces acne in babies.

Do not do anything to treat baby acne. This is not something you need to put creams on or scrub. It is not caused by dirt or unclean pores. It is untreatable. All you need to do is wait it out until it goes away on its own.

Baby acne might worry you but there it is really nothing to be concerned about because it is just a normal result of birth. Your baby is completely fine and the acne is not a rash from an allergic reaction. Your child will not have this acne for long and it will clear up as quickly as it came. Of course, if you see other signs associated with the acne you will need to let your doctor know to exactly know for sure.

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