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´╗┐Natural Ways To Fight Eczema Skin Aging and Disease Conditions

When it comes to skin aging and disease, eczema is a very common problem, with millions of sufferers looking for ways to combat this disease using natural remedies. Researchers believe that both external and internal factors cause eczema with severity ranging from large areas covered in bleeding, weeping, inflamed, infected sores to very mild cases with just a few red, dry rashes and itchy patches.

Influenced by factors such as diet, stress, climate, pets, and household dust mites, eczema causes skin aging and disease complications including infection, if left untreated. Some of the many types of eczema include atopic eczema, which is extremely itchy and believed to be hereditary and discoid eczema that appears on the lower legs of older people as red patches of dry skin. Allergic contact dermatitis results from regular contact with substances you become allergic to over an extended period. Cradle cap in babies, also called seborrheic eczema is not itchy or sore and normally disappears by age one.

In the wintertime, eczema flare-ups increase for many people, so they look for additional natural remedies to fight this skin aging and disease problem. Because winter conditions often reduce or destroy the oily coating or natural skin emulsion, skin aging and disease conditions such as bacteria infections and scaly, itchy, dry skin are far more common. Several natural remedies for people to try at home in the winter that help fight skin aging and disease caused by eczema include switching from winter clothing made of wool or other materials that can irritate the skin to winter clothing made of cotton and less irritating materials. It is also better to layer your clothes instead of wearing one or two heavy pieces of clothing. During the winter, people's skin is usually dryer and more sensitive, so with eczema, skin aging and disease conditions are certainly more of a problem.

Taking long showers or baths and using hot water dries out people's skin quicker because it removes their natural skin oil. Always take short baths or showers using lukewarm water. Use mild soap, moisturizing soap, soap made for eczema, or a soap substitute. Follow the three-minute rule, which is applying a moisturizer within three minutes of getting out of the shower or bath. With the furnace running during the winter months, the humidity in most homes is low causing skin to lose moisture, which a very big problem for skin aging and disease conditions such as eczema. Installing a humidifier and humidity gauge on the furnace works extremely well.

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