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Anti Aging Skin Care

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If you wake up, look in the mirror and think about how old your skin looks, there are many anti aging skin care products on the market today that can help your skin appear younger. A simple trip to your local drugstore will show the large variety of products available. So, how do you know what to buy and what do they all do?

To make your skin look younger, you want to find anti aging skin care products that will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, darkening around your eyes and sagging skin. Applying topical creams or lotions is one way to improve your skin. The following ingredients are found in many effective over the counter anti aging skin care products:

- Vitamin A: also known as Retinol exfoliates the skin and may help build collagen fibers. It is an effective component of fighting wrinkles.

- Vitamin C: also known as ascorbic acid reduces fine lines and wrinkles because it aids in stabilizing collagen. It is also an antioxidant.

- Vitamin E: is also an antioxidant that has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

- Glycolic Acid: is a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that triggers the formation of new collagen to reduce wrinkles.

- Peptides: firm the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles

- Green Tea Extract: has an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces the appearance of puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines

Once you find a cream or lotion that contains the ingredients that meet your needs, you should begin a new skin care regimen. You will want to wash your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser, use a toner to improve your skin, use a daily moisturizer to keep your skin from drying out and use sun block with an SPF of 15 or higher every day to prevent further sun damage to your face. Of course, you will want to also use your new anti aging skin care product diligently and according to the directions. Give your new regimen enough time to work. If you do not see any change in a few months, you can then chose to either try a new over the counter medication or consult with your dermatologist.

While there are many anti aging skin care products on the market, they do not all treat the same problems. So, be sure to read and compare labels the next time you go shopping for anti aging skin care products so that you are sure that you are buying a product that has the right ingredients to protect and improve your skin.

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