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Risks Of Botox Injections

Our plight to perfection simply won't end even after achieving something after another. Humans can't be simply satisfied with just one success, he/she will still tend to look for something bigger but insatiable needs are rarely answered. This fact is very applicable on how our need to improve ourselves manifests, specifically personal appearance. Rarely are satisfied with their physical appearance. Many always have the tendency to look for ways to make themselves look much better. This is a fact that one cannot easily alter. And this explains why in the cosmetic market and industry, you will find many cosmetic products and treatment to answer these needs of the people. Anti-wrinkle creams, facial and cosmetic treatments, surgeries, implants, and any other conceivable things directly associated to enhancement of one's physical matters are in abundance.

Take, for instance, Botox injection.

When the FDA approved this wrinkle treatment in the year of 2002, majority of the human race applauded at its discovery to effectively put some years away from your face. This product, otherwise medically known as Botulinum Toxin, is of protein-filled element put in a vial and is injected through the affected parts of the client and in just a very short time you will witness how those wrinkles and lines disappear.

Only small doses are needed for the injection on your face. The toxin is said to paralyze the muscles causing the wrinkles and consequently would stretch the skin on the treated part. The spasms and contractions in your facial muscles seem to reduce in volume so that you instantly acquire a youthful appearance.

Because Botox injection is a procedure that involves vials of toxins or protein generated from Bacterium Clostridium botulinum, it is only natural that you would wonder what risks are you going to face following the procedure. This is not to worry, though, as Botox injection operation has never had any reported cases of severe and detrimental side effects.

Risks with Botox injection

There are only minor side effects associated with Botox injection. The most common risks include: headache, flu syndrome, respiratory infection, nausea, and droopy eyelids (or blepharoptosis).

If you are thinking about the worst risk that could happen after Botox injection, blepharoptosis is found to be the most serious case, although nothing severe can happen. There are only about 5% of the patients that suffer from blepharoptosis. This usually would occur 7 - 14 days after the treatment. It will usually disappear after 4 - 6 weeks. Doctors usually prescribe medication such eye drops. They help reduce the drooping of your eyes after a few days.

Recommendations to prevent blepharoptosis

Most important to remember is you should always go to a very trusted and well-respected practitioner. He should be well experienced enough in the treatment so he would know how to counter those mentioned Botox risks.

Another recommendation is, while receiving the treatment you should remain your vertical position for up to 6 hours following the procedure. This will prevent the Botox injection to be displaced and will be taken up by the treated areas alone.

After the injection, the treated areas should not be touched for at least three hours.

With the fewest risks that Botox is associated with, this treatment can be considered as one with the most advantageous points over the others. Not only is this safe, treatment is also relatively affordable. Aside from this, it has been effective enough that not those minor side effects can take those enthusiasts away from having the injection.

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