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How Will I Know When My Breast Implants Have Dropped

Cases of women undergoing breast augmentation operations are becoming rampant nowadays. Almost on every corner of the globe, there are women who you will find craving for this cosmetic operation. Almost every woman, especially those with age between 19 years and 40's, is becoming crazy over this business of augmenting their breasts so to acquire a look that is most pleasing to them or to the eyes of bystanders. And you can't blame them as this breast surgery will promise positive results to anyone who will undergo such augmentation. Physically, the operation would render them a new pleasant and satisfactory look. When you have this kind of physical appearance, it may manifest in the way you bring your outlook in life. When you feel good and satisfied about your physical appearance, then certainly you will be more confident to wherever you may be.

The most common form of breast augmentation is through the procedure called breast implants. Women undergo breast implant surgery for several reasons such as correcting the asymmetrical shape of the breasts; to contour the breasts into a certain body type; to reconstruction after breast removal; and to correct the sagging of the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. The implant is a silicone shell either filled with saline or gel. It is usually inserted into the incisions made in the armpit, under the breast or around the nipple area or areola.

After breast implant surgery

As is with the case of any medical surgeries, after effects, side effects, and risks are the things that should always be expected. Side effects may include minor and major details and may either be treated or prescribed with corresponding medication. In which case, attending to them must not be ignored as they could get serious when neglected. The risks of breast implants may be as follows: capsular contraction, infection or rejection of the body from the non-sterile techniques, scarring of the incision, sensation decreases, and breastfeeding may be recommended to stop.

Dropping of the breast implants will depend on various factors. These are:

- Size of the implant
- The size of your breasts prior pre-operatively
- The implant surface type
- The placement of the implant
- Muscle tone
- Application of massage
- Others

Normally, dropping of the breast implants should commence after two weeks of the operation. Smooth implants tend to drop faster than those textured implants. If the placement is under the muscles, dropping may be slower. If in the placement is in the sub-glandular position dropping is faster.

Dropping of the breast implants takes place as these are placed on the pocket under the chest wall muscle. The pocket, of course, is larger than your implant so during its healing period, the muscle experiences spasm forcing your implants to take up its pocket.

You would know when your breast implants have dropped once the muscle has stretched. The breast implants will be more accommodating on you. Over time, these implants will settle in its natural spaces. Don't worry if one of the breast implants progresses faster than the other, this is only natural.

If your implants take longer to drop than the normal frame time of 2 to 6 weeks, you should consult your breast implant surgeon at once. Your implants may be one of those stubborn cases which might require a re-dissection for them to drop normally.

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