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´╗┐Learn To Apply Loreal Cosmetics Eye Makeup Properly

Headquartered in Paris, France, the Loreal cosmetics company is the world's largest beauty and cosmetics company. Along with their makeup, the Loreal cosmetics lines include hair care, perfumes, sun protection, skin care, hair color, a men's line, and children's line. They are also active in the pharmaceutical and dermatological fields. Loreal cosmetics reasonably priced, high quality products, including makeup, provides excellent results and the company is always amending their lines and developing new ones.

Applied properly, eyeshadow brings out the beauty of peoples eyes by defining, highlighting, and creating illusions and depth. It is important to learn the basic techniques for applying eyeshadow. Each eye shape requires different colors and techniques. When using Loreal cosmetics on small eyes, go lightly on the liner and eyeshadow as this will make your eyes appear even smaller. Instead, on the eyelid use a light color eyeshadow, a darker tone in the crease only and under the brow, a highlighter.

For round eyes, center the darkest tone of shadow on the eyelid. Carefully blend the eyeshadow upwards from the lid using a soft brush, to the crease, which accents and enhances the natural shape of the eyes. Finish by using a lighter tone and blending this into the outer and inner part of the eyelid. Wear darker Loreal cosmetics eyeshadow on the eyelids of larger eyes extending this into the lid crease. Under the brow, use a flat color for highlight. Almond shaped eyes have a very distinct crease on the eyelid so start by applying the light accent color on the lids inside portion and darkest tone of eyeshadow on the outer edge, halfway to the crease. When using Loreal cosmetics to accent narrow eyes, along the lashes only, apply a darker eyeshadow tone and a lighter tone highlighting the rest of the lid. On deep-set eyes, only use darker shades on the crease and outer corners and light colors under the brow and on the rest of the eyelid.

Even if you created a masterpiece when you put Loreal cosmetics eyeshadow on your eyes, applying mascara that is the wrong color or applied incorrectly and ends up in clumps or stuck together, certainly ruins the overall look of your eye makeup. For straight lashes, use a Loreal cosmetics eyelash curler before applying the mascara. Do not use black or other dark colors on fair lashes and light colored eyes, instead select soft colors that complement your eyes and skin. On dark lashes, do not apply too many coats of mascara or they will end up clumped together.

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