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Dry skin is a problem that occurs with many people for many different reasons. Some people are just born with dry skin while others develop dry skin over the years because of their environment at home or work. Many people that have dry skin get it from chemicals either at home or at work. Chemicals can be very hard on the skin. When you use chemicals that might touch your body, it's important to use gloves or other protection. One of the worst is dry ice. Skin care is very important when you are around dry ice.

Dry ice is something that is used to keep items cold in a circumstance where you can't use regular ice. The temperature is -109° Fahrenheit, which can freeze your skin cells and cause damage equal to a burn. When you are using dry ice, skin care is very important to avoid accidentally touching it to your skin. Make sure you use a towel or some sort of protective gloves. If you do get some dry ice on your body, seek medical attention immediately. Dry ice skin care is as important as if you were getting care for a burn or severe frostbite. Just touching your skin next to dry ice will make it exceptionally dry. Touching the dry ice can cause a burning sensation like frostbite.

Anytime you go on a vacation or anywhere where you will be using dry ice, be sure to use dry ice skin care to protect your skin from damage. If you accidentally come in contact with the dry ice, but not a lot of damage is done, immediately apply some lotion or cream. Hand or body lotion or moisturizers should be used on a daily basis. They need to be used regularly for them to be effective. They are many different brands that are available. Your doctor or dermatologist may be able to look at your skin and determine which would work best for you.

If your skin is dry, ice as skin care is sometimes used along with mineral oil. Mineral oil is effective as a method of treatment for dry skin. Some recommend using mineral oil with oil and others recommend mineral oil made with ice. This is much better on your face than using tap water, which many contain fluoride, chlorine or other chemicals that may be harmful. The main key to helping to rid yourself of dry skin, regardless of the cause, is regular use of a good dry skin care product. With so many different types and brands available, it's best to try different products until you find one that gives you satisfactory results.

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