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Hair Loss

Common Tips to Prevent Hair Loss

Many people believe hair loss is something that is inevitable. While it is true a certain amount of hair loss is inevitable as we get older, much can be done to keep your hair. The suggestions in this article will help you learn what can be done to prevent hair loss.

Diet is one of the important factors affecting hair loss. Research studies show diets high in animal fats release excessive testosterone into your blood stream. Also, people consuming low fat diets had much less testosterone released. This affects hair loss because high testosterone levels results in more hair. A percentage of testosterone converts into the hormone DHT, which is the leading cause of hair loss. Having higher levels of testosterone circulating in your blood means higher levels of harmful DHT.

Excessive shampooing with the most common commercial shampoos may cause gradual hair loss. Your hair can lose minerals like Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous and Nitrogen. This is mainly due to the strong chemicals present in many of these type of products. These shampoos can not just damage hair, but also be a hazard to your general health.

Formaldehyde is in shampoos as a preservative, but can be pretty harmful. It is a well known carcinogen at higher levels and can also be a skin irritant. It is known to also irritate your eyes and lungs. Some shampoos may contain ammonia, synthetic detergents and ethanol, not to mention artificial colors and fragrances. It's obvious allergic reactions to these shampoos are common. One thing to keep in mind is the shampoo used when you were younger is sometimes not the best when you are older. The reason for this is hair becomes drier when we age and produces less oil. This oil is a protective film for your hair shafts.

Stress is something you want to control if you want to minimize hair loss. We now know stress can aggravate or cause many diseases and hair loss is one of them. Worries over financial issues, family problems and job issues can cause excess stress in our lives. Stress actually affects your body in a biological way, causing stress hormones to be released. One important way this affects hair loss is constricting blood vessels so they lose blood supply, resulting in the hair falling out. Two ways you can handle stress are getting regular massages and practicing meditation.

Most people never think of the side effects of medications they take. If you find yourself losing more hair, read the side effects on the labels of any medications you are taking. You will be surprised to find hair loss as a common side effect. If this is the case, you can ask your doctor to substitute another medication, since the one in question could be casing your hair loss.

For women especially, it is important to be aware of styles or accessories which pull on your hair. If you find you have more hair loss since you started wearing your hair in a ponytail or bun, this might well be the cause. A continuous pull on your scalp can definitely be the cause of additional hair loss.

Even though hair loss can seem to be a hopeless condition, this does not have to be so. By following the suggestions above and continuing to educate yourself on the subject, you will be able to minimize hair loss and keep your hair.

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