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Seven Ways to Prevent Hair Loss

Losing hair can be devastating to your self-confidence, and you may feel like there is nothing you can do. However, there are steps you can take to promote healthy hair and stop hair loss in its tracks. This article offers seven tips to help you on your way to healthy hair.

It is very important that you are gentle with your hair. A common cause of hair loss is damage caused by heat and chemicals. Avoid products that use a lot of unnecessary chemicals, including dyes, and prevent heat damage by allowing your hair to dry naturally as often as possible.

While it is not wise to over-wash you hair, washing your hair regularly is vital to preventing hair loss. Keeping your hair and scalp clean can help prevent infections that lead to hair loss. However, make sure to use a mild shampoo and conditioner, as the deodorants used in hair products can actually be damaging to the scalp.

While hair loss is visible, the cause may not be. Stress is a leading cause of hair loss as it is damaging to the entire body. If you are experiencing hair loss, it could be your body's way of letting you know that it is stressed. One way to decrease your stress is by getting enough sleep. Sleep is your body's opportunity to reset. Without an adequate amount, your body could be working on overdrive.

Hair can be broken easily, so minimize the use of tools that can cause it to break unnaturally. Surprisingly, your brush could be the culprit. Brushing your hair too frequently can damage your hair and lead to hair loss. If your hair tangles easy, use your fingers to untangle the knots. If necessary, a wide-tooth comb is preferable to a hairbrush.

It is also imperative that you avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Doing this could mean snapping off healthy hairs, which goes against your goal of healthy hair. It is also advisable to avoid vigorously rubbing wet hair with a towel, as this can cause breakage. The best thing you can do is let your hair air-dry naturally.

Like stress, diet is an internal factor that can make or break you hair. To promote healthy hair, eat a nutritionally-balanced meal plan that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables. Some important things to include in your diet are iron, protein, zinc, vitamin C, biotin, and omega-3 fatty acids, as they can help prevent or minimize hair loss.

If you feel as though you are not getting enough of these essential vitamins and minerals in your diet, consider taking supplements. Some hair loss prevention supplements include biotin, vitamin C, iron, and saw palmetto. If you believe your hair loss is severe, speak with your doctor about the various medications that are offered to stimulate hair growth.

While hair loss can leave you feeling helpless, there are steps you can take to prevent it and even promote hair growth. This article provided seven tips to help you achieve your goal of healthy hair.

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