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Founded in 1984, Zia Natural Skin Care started out with one product and two employees in an apartment in San Francisco. Instead of mass produced products that contained chemicals and harsh ingredients that could damage or irritate skin, Zia Natural Skin Care believed in naturally based therapeutic products. In 1984 'natural' in skin care products was a relatively new idea, with people just starting to care and become interested in skincare ingredients the same way they cared about food ingredients. Zia Natural Skin Care found that their customers wanted information on products so they could become knowledgeable enough to make their own choices. Zia began publishing a newsletter that was informational with skin care tips and more.

Over twenty years later Zia Natural Skin Care continues providing customers with information, answers on product ingredients and more just by phoning their customer service number and speaking to a member of their service team. Because of their excellent full line of organic and natural body care, skin care, and cosmetics products, Zia Natural Skin Care are a leading natural skin care line with products available in natural and health grocery stores across the States and Canada. ---

Your skin regenerates itself approximately every four weeks and reflects how you look after yourself and your lifestyle. It is important to have a skin care program for your specific skin type and needs and to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. Daily Zia Natural Skin Care keeps your skin balanced and clear while protecting its levels of hydration and moisture, which results in radiant, healthy, soft skin. Cleansing your skin removes flaky skin, excess oil, pollutants, surface impurities, makeup, and more, all of which contribute to dull looking skin, clogged pores, and acne breakouts. Zia toners help restore and balance the natural PH balance of your skin. It also helps the skin absorb nourishing products. Moisturizer helps restore hydration, nourish the skin, reduce fine wrinkles and lines, and slow down premature aging. Some of the Zia Natural Skin Care products include:

- Citrus Night Time Reversal - This night cream reverses environmental damage and roughness while you are enjoying a good night's sleep. It contains citrus concentrate, sugar cane, buttermilk, red wine, and other products that help minimize enlarged pores, sunspots, lines, and promotes new cell production.

- Herbal Moisture Gel - This gel is moisture holding, hydrating and contains natural botanicals such as gotu kola, which promotes fast healing of acne blemishes while protecting the skin against bacteria and pollutants.

Zia Natural Skin Care products are a great choice for beautiful, healthy looking skin.

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