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Don't you know that it is not only women who are gravely conscious about the way they look?

The grooming market for men is increasing. They are also undergoing plastic surgeries and taking diet pills just to look younger upon reaching the age of 40, some even earlier. Men are starting to be conscious about the maintenance of their image.

As of now, the most popular cosmetic and surgery procedures for men in the United States are the Botox and anti-wrinkle treatment. They want to have finer skin on their face to appear fresher and younger. Annually, there is a growth of almost five percent on the statistics of men undertaking the procedure.

Another factor that they want to put emphasis on is their abs. Besides becoming physically fit, it is also important that they maintain nice abs because it makes them appear attractive to more women. Bulging bellies are considered unattractive and can never be attractive.

Typically, the cost of surgical operations for men will vary on the kind of operation they want. The more complicated part of the body that will be affected, the much higher the cost will be. The premises and the equipment used for the operation will also identify the price of the operation. However, the prices are not fixed because it will always depend upon you if you can negotiate the surgical team for some discounts.

Here is the list of the leading plastic surgical operations for men:

Nose Reshaping

Almost 24 percent of the surgery deals on nose jobs or Rhinoplasty. Men that have an imperfect or imbalanced shape of the nose usually take this type of surgery. Fortunately, nearly all the clients experience a satisfying result after the operation. Nose lifting is also included here.

Eyelid Surgery

Men with unpleasant eyelids prefer this surgery. It covers 15% of the total percentage of men who have had cosmetic procedures.


Both in men and women, this refers to the removal of excessive fats in their tummy. The goal of liposuction is to achieve an ideal size of abs.

Hair Transplant

This is desirable for men aging 40 or more who experience hair loss or baldness. This is the perfect solution for their problem. Hair transplant make use of laser treatments to build new growth of hair.


This also deals in the removal of wrinkles. It can enhance men's faces because some of the cells are stretched with this surgery.

With regards to the cosmetic surgery, behind its benefits are some risks that can be avoided. Complications can only be present if the surgery is not properly done. It can also happen if the injection of anesthesia lapsed. It can result to abnormal heartbeat, heart failure, brain damage and sometimes even paralysis. Likewise, there are also victims of numbness and irregularities due to improper injection of anesthesia.

Danger can also exist when you are unaware that the surgeon or the doctor is unlicensed and untrained. Your life will surely be at stake with the poor regulation of these doctors. Make sure that you choose a doctor or a cosmetic surgeon that have vast knowledge and experience about cosmetic surgery and have license. A reliable doctor is a doctor that puts your safety as their client as their first priority.

If you are aiming for the best result after the treatment, men should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and stay as physically fit as possible.

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