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Does plastic surgery have anything to do with plastic? Many people would ask the same question over and over and the answer to this is it doesn't. But why was it named plastic surgery? This is because the term plastic came from the Greek word, Plastikos, which means to shape or to mold. Thus, it does not have anything to do with modern plastics.

Plastic surgery was the term chosen by the specialty founders when they created a unique surgical discipline to treat deformities which is caused by birth defects, trauma or cancer. Moreover, plastic surgery is the most common term for operative techniques and manuals with the aid of instruments which is done for aesthetic reasons.

Nowadays, the plastic surgery world covers such various entities and craniofacial procedure as well as other cosmetic surgical operations. The surgeon's main focus is cosmetic surgery, although they still stay active in other areas of plastic surgery which includes skin cancer treatment, reconstruction of breasts and to treat and repair congenital deformities. Every surgeon is aided by many nurses who play an important role in any surgical missions to repair children's deformities.

The doctor-patient relationship is essential and vital for any operation to succeed with good results. This relationship however, needs shared trust, cooperation and teamwork. The patient needs to be given an assurance that the surgeon is competent, qualified and thoroughly trained. With regards to the consultation fee, is it most of the time assessed for the initial visit but will then be credited from other surgical fees. There is no charge for the succeeding visits or for the pre-operation appointment. Personal checks and credit cards are accepted nowadays.

Major areas of plastic surgery consist of two basic fields:

1. Reconstructive surgery aims on masking the destructive trauma effects, surgery or disease effects. Reconstructive surgery includes microsurgery, flaps with closing defects. The latter is caused by moving tissue from the other body parts.

2. Aesthetic surgery or commonly referred to as cosmetic surgery is usually done in order to modify features the patient finds bothering. In most cases, however, there are various reasons like breast reduction as caused by orthopedic problems.

Given that cosmetic procedures are not included by insurance, surgeons try to keep their fees at the ground level with constant patient care. The fees will differ depending on the kind and extent of the operation. Throughout the consultation, most medical offices and hospitals simultaneously discuss fees and a written note will be given. This note is comprehensive which thus, covers surgical fee, operating room costs, anesthesia charges in some cases and post operation care. Most medical clinics and hospitals ask patients to fully pay the fee at the pre-operation visit, usually a week before the surgery.

The patient should have to bear in mind that any surgical procedure is linked with risks. Voluntary aesthetic procedures on healthy people are considered fairly safe. Complication rates are normally low.

Though any surgical procedure is associated with risks, elective aesthetic operations on healthy persons are considered quite safe. Complication rates are generally low.

Although many reconstructive operations are covered by medical insurance, current changes in most insurance agencies and industries may largely affect your reimbursement. Even when an insurance company is involved, the patient is still responsible for the medical bill in plastic surgeries.

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