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Before and After Rhinoplasty

If you have finally made the choice to undergo rhinoplasty and have prepared yourself for the surgery, the next procedure is to be familiar with the rhinoplasty surgery and the effects that it can bring after the surgery has been finished.

It is important that you first know the before and after rhinoplasty effect to your body. Rhinoplasty can be performed in the hospital or in an outpatient surgery or in a surgeon's office based facility. It will depend on the doctor who will perform the surgery to the patient.

The surgery is usually performed on an outpatient basis but if the surgery is complicated, rhinoplasty surgery can be done in the hospital so that the patient will be in good condition in case some things do not go well. The hospital is the safest place to perform rhinoplasty and most patients would also like the surgery to be done inside the hospital. It makes them more secured.

Before and after rhinoplasty, you should know what kinds of medicines, treatments, medications and maintenance that you need to keep up with the surgery. Before the rhinoplasty surgery, a patient will be under general or local anesthesia. The local anesthesia is applied when the patient is lightly sedated and the nose and the other areas near it become numb. This will prevent the patient from feeling real pain that the surgery entails. The patient is aware of what is going on but he may not feel what is happening to his nose.

General anesthesia is determined when the patient is asleep throughout the surgery and is not conscious of what happening. This frees the patient from being intimidated if they are not used to surgeries such as rhinoplasty and other similar surgeries.

The rhinoplasty surgery will normally take about one to two hours for completion unless if it is a complex rhinoplasty. Before and after rhinoplasty, the doctor will ask you how you will be comfortable with the surgery. You can explain to the doctor if you have fear or if you feel relaxed so he will know how to treat you so that he will not have a hard time.

The rhinoplasty consists of the skin which is being separated to the cartilage and bone. In this kind of surgery, the cartilage and the bone are being sculpted to its desired shape and the skin is wrapped over the nose framework. Most of the surgeons make rhinoplasty incision surgery inside the nose in the nostrils. But some surgeons will prefer what they call the open procedure wherein incision occurs in the middle part of the nose and the upper part of the lip. Most likely, there will be a scar left but the scars will be hardly noticed in the region of your nose.

When rhinoplasty surgery is complete, the surgeon will leave a splint on the patient's nose in order to maintain its natural shape. It will sometime require the nasal packs and the splint o be placed in the nostrils. After rhinoplasty, your face may become fluffy, you might be experiencing a dull headache or you may feel a little pain. To avoid this, you need to take the medication which is prescribed by the doctor.

Before and after rhinoplasty, you should know what to expect so that you are sure that you will not regret in the end.

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