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Skin Cancer

´╗┐What Are The Symptoms Of Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is a form of cancer that can be treated if and when detected early. This is because the symptoms of skin cancer are prominent and usually attract the attention of the sufferer through sores or pimples that don't seem to heal on the body.

It is a growth of abnormal accumulation of cells that first appears in certain areas of the skin. The first symptoms of skin cancer are sores or pimples that don't heal. Sometimes the sore bleeds or oozes fluid, crust or scabs over and sometimes, the sore may ooze and bleed again. It is possible for skin cancer to strike anywhere on the skin, but is most common in the areas that are exposed to the sun.

Moles can be removed for cosmetic reasons:

Pain is nothing to worry about as skin cancer is usually painless. The most common symptoms of skin cancer include new growth found on the skin, sores that don't heal and changes in any form of existing skin growth. However this does not mean that all changes found in the skin are symptoms of skin cancer.

Moles and other growths in the skin tend to be harmless and need not be removed. However, if you have moles that prove to be unattractive or occur in places that get irritated by clothing, you can have them removed by a doctor for cosmetic reasons. Remember that the average person has numerous moles and other forms of skin growths that prove to be benign, or in other words, non-cancerous.

Skin tags are nothing to worry about:

Birthmarks you get at birth, moles you gain in adolescence and liver spots are not actually symptoms of skin cancer. Liver spots are the flat, tan to brown spots that you find on the face, neck, forearms and hands. There is no connection with the liver, but do tend to develop with age and sun exposure.

The skin tags you may get in the form of small and soft flaps of skin on the armpits, neck and groin area are results of repeated friction and are not dangerous. There is no need to worry about the dome shaped red spots you find developing on your chest and back. These are not dangerous, may be bright red in color and appear with your age.

How to tell if moles are cancerous:

If you find any changes in size, color or outline of your moles, check with the doctor as growths with changes in size and color may be cancerous. So with self examination, you will be able to monitor your skin, and detect symptoms of skin cancer in the early stage.

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