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Have you heard of Lancome skin care before? Many people have. There are many people that prefer to use the Lancome skin care over any other type that is available. This skin care may not be right for you but you won't know until you use it and find out for yourself. However, there are some things that you want to remember if you use this brand of skin care.

One: Lancome skin care are made almost exclusively in the United States and sometimes it is made in France. You won't find it made anywhere else.

Two: Lancome skin care products have on their package a unique serial number that is embossed on it. You want to make sure that this number is on the package before you buy it because this will tell you if you have an authentic Lancome product.

Three: The Lancome skin care doesn't smell like you are wearing bug spray of Vic's vapo-rub. They will have a pleasant, subtle floral scent. You want to make sure that the product you are buying has this scent because there are some products out there that are being passed off as authentic but they are not really authentic. This is something that you want to be especially careful of if you order products online. If there is ever a problem you want to get your money back so you can find the authentic Lancome products.

When you are looking for Lancome skin care you will find that there are all kinds of products available. Some of the different products that you can use for your skin care are:

- Cleansers/Toners
- Masks/Exfoliators
- Eye Makeup Remover
- Tinted Moisturizers
- Serums
- Moisturizers
- Anti-aging moisturizers
- Night Treatment
- Eye Care
- At Home Treatments
- Lip Treatment
- UV Protection

You will be able to find many different types of products under each of these. You will have to do some searching to find out what you need to get. You want to make sure you know what your skin type is because the different Lancome skin care products will work different for different skin types. It is important that you get the right products for your skin type or you can end up doing damage to your skin.

Don't rush into getting any Lancome skin care or any other brand of skin care products before you do some research about it. You don't want to use something that will do further damage to your skin. So always take your time and find what works best for you.

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