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Five Points To Consider Prior To Teeth Whitening

Modern home dentistry has given the consumer all kinds of options when it comes to teeth whitening. The promise of a bright, Hollywood-white smile lures billions into the industry each year. How much of it is hype? Will it work for you? What things do you need to think about before engaging in these teeth shining methods? The following article will address those questions, and hopefully allow you to reach your personal decision with ease and confidence that you are making the right choice.

1. Professional whitening. If you are not bound by financial issues, a cosmetic dentist visit is easily your best solution. Either with laser treatment or bleaching solution, nothing will get your teeth whiter than when you see your dentist. A common misunderstanding is that you can still enjoy a lot of coffee, red wine or other teeth staining items. This is simply not true; a professional will get your teeth white, there is nothing preventative about that treatment.

2. OTC Whiteners. From pastes, to strips to trays, the commercial dentist industry has a solution for everyone. A major drawback to these products is a lack of FDA or even ADA oversight. These companies can promise you anything without having the science or evidence to back up the claims. The best approach in OTC remedies is word of mouth. Try to find honest reviews online that will lead you to the most reliable methods of home teeth whitening. If you find something that works well, don't be afraid to tell the world about it yourself.

3. Problems with home remedies. Beyond just being less effective than advertised, some consumers actually experience side effects from teeth whitening products. Let's face it, to restore the surface of teeth to their intended level of white requires some harsh ingredients. After a few days of use, most bleaching pastes used with trays will cause at least some gum irritation. Strips that do not cover the surface area of your teeth completely will leave you with patchy, still stained spots! Carefully consider your home products and follow directions exactly.

4. Is whitening permanent? If your chosen method successfully whitened your teeth, and you avoid future elements that stain such as coffee, red wine etc and you keep on top of your oral health care, whitening is a lasting but not permanent condition. Eventually, teeth do become stained and require additional treatments. Those who brush and floss regularly and eat right need far fewer whitening treatments than those who do not.

5. How to maintain your pearly whites? Once you have found your effective method of teeth whitening, be sure to avoid as many of the elements that discolored your teeth in the first place. Coffee, smoking, tea, cola, processed foods etc. will all have you back in the dentist chair or in front of your bathroom mirror, whitening again. Teeth differ somewhat from person to person, so be aware of what you should and should not be doing, for maximum personal whiteness.

As this article has shown, there are many ways to whiten your teeth and many ways they can become stained and dingy. Consider all of your options carefully and consult a dentist if any problems should arise with a product or method you chose. As desirable as a flashing white smile is, they are still your teeth and must be kept healthy and strong for life. Hopefully, the advice you have read here leads you to the right decision.

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